Genome-wide molecular insights: Liquid biopsy exome sequencing

• Unrivaled resolution of structural variations, rearrangements, and exon duplicates

• Flexible workflow

• Combined breadth and depth

• Designed for biomarker analysis in clinical trials, treatment monitoring, and acquisition of drug resistance with a single blood draw

Flexible workflow

Available in RUO and CLIA-validated assay

Insights into genome-wide variation

From a single sample, we provide low-pass whole genome sequencing (LP-WGS) data combined with broader coverage using WES and/or in-depth profiling using PredicineCARE™ or PredicineATLAS™ focused pan cancer panels, based on tumor fraction from the sample.


Sample types

Whole blood

Sample requirements

5-10ml whole blood
2-5ml plasma 
5-30ng cfDNA

Turnaround time

LP-WGS: 2 weeks
Panel: 3 weeks
WES: 4 weeks

Features and benefits

High Sensitivity Predicine

Genome-wide insights

Combined breadth and depth

Workflow flexibility

Low Input of Predicine Assays

Multiple approaches from a single sample


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