152-gene CLIA-certified cfDNA assay for treatment selection

• Detects gene deletion and mono- vs. bi-allelic loss of function 

• CLIA-certified assay for blood and urine

• Adopted by leading biopharmas in clinical trials

Features and benefits

Low Input of Predicine Assays

Low sample input

High Sensitivity Predicine

Ultra-high sensitivity

CLIA Validated ATLAS

Liquid and tissue flexibility

Actionable results and data interpretation

Sample types

Whole blood

Sample requirements

4-10 mL blood
2-5 mL plasma 
20-40 mL urine
1mm³ tissue (5-10 FFPE slides)

Turnaround time

6 days – Urine and Plasma
10 days – Tissue

*CLIA-validated assay requires two tubes of 10mL blood

Molecularly targeted therapies

Clinically actionable genes to inform patient care and clinical trials

PredicineCARE provides important insights to a tumor’s genomic landscape through blood, urine, and tissue. It analyzes tumor-associated genetic aberrations to provide comprehensive molecular insights into a patient’s tumor biology to help determine whether targeted therapies are treatment options.

The assay analyzes genes directly linked to specific cancers by well documented scientific research. It is designed to identify all main classes of actionable genomic alterations, including base substitutions, insertions and deletions, copy number alterations, selected fusions and homologous recombination deficiency. See figure below.

Molecular heat map of mCRPC

Manish Kohli et al. Clinical and genomic insights into circulating tumor DNA-based alterations across the spectrum of metastatic hormone-sensitive and castrate-resistant prostate cancer, EBioMedicine, Volume 54, 2020, 102728


PredicineCARE™ is a CLIA-certified test for blood and urine samples.


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