152-gene CLIA-certified assay for treatment selection

PredicineCARE™ is a CLIA-certified pan-cancer cfDNA assay that detects clinically actionable genes to inform patient care and clinical trials in targeted therapies and immunotherapies.  

• Covers 152 key cancer genes

• Detects 4 main classes of genomic alterations 

• Includes 80+ FDA-approved oncology drug biomarkers and 9+ chemotherapy response biomarkers for treatment selection

• CLIA-certified assay

Sample types

Whole blood

Sample requirements

20ml whole blood
8ml plasma

Turnaround time

10 days

Molecularly targeted therapies

Targeted molecular therapies are designed to treat cancer by interfering with cancer-causing genes that drive cancer growth. In some cancers the molecular targets are known, but in others the targets are still being identified. In some cases, the same types of cancer have different molecular targets.

PredicineCARE analyzes genes directly linked to specific cancers by well documented scientific research. It is designed to identify all four classes of actionable genomic alterations, including base substitutions, insertions and deletions, copy number alterations and selected fusions.


PredicineCARE™ is a CLIA-certified test.


Our pilot program is available to select biopharma and academic partners to accelerate biomarker discoveries and biomarker-driven clinical studies.  To initiate a study, contact us via the form below.

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