Advancing precision medicine through next-gen liquid biopsy platform

Molecular insights into cancer from blood or urine to enable precision medicine.

Detect and monitor cancer non-invasively

Cell-free cancer biology

Analyze cell-free circulating DNA and RNA in blood and urine

DeepSEA Bioinformatics

Breakthrough AI-driven bioinformatics

Unlock complex genomic data for precision medicine

Powerful data to advance precision medicine

Decipher cancer genome to accelerate oncology drug development

The Predicine Advantage

Low Input of Predicine Assays

Dual analysis of DNA and RNA

Simultaneous profiling of DNA and RNA from a tube of blood for more insights


Urine molecular diagnostics

More robust variant detection in urine than in blood in bladder cancer

CLIA Validated CARE

Tissue Compatibility

Integrated molecular and contextual tissue biomarker solution


Low Input

Robust and sensitive ctDNA variant profiling from as little as 0.4mL of plasma



Unprecedented, comprehensive cancer profiling

Simultaneous profiling of cell-free DNA and RNA

Predicine’s proprietary GeneRADAR next generation liquid biopsy platform measures cancer-associated genomic blueprint (DNA) and functional biology (RNA) in a single tube of blood to provide more accurate and in-depth insights.

Urine-based Liquid biopsy

Urine: Painless cancer detection

Fast, easy, and truly non-invasive.

Predicine introduces urine-based liquid biopsy to broaden cancer patients’ access to genomic profiling. Urine-based cfDNA can be more robust in variant detection than blood-based cfDNA in genitourinary cancers. 

Our assays and services

Predicine cfDNA assays for cancer monitoring

Molecular profiling assays

Predicine provides clinical services

Biopharma clinical research services

Predicine CDx Co-development

Co-development services



“Liquid biopsy is the future of precision medicine. Our work with Predicine’s liquid biopsy platform is very encouraging for the field of liquid biopsy and supports its clinical application for patient care.”

Massimo Cristofanilli, M.D.
Professor of Northwestern University and President of International Society of Liquid Biopsy


Unified biomarker solutions for global clinical trials

End-to-end clinical lab solutions in US and China from discovery to CDx

Through our network of CLIA/CAP certified facilities in California and Shanghai, Predicine partners with leading biopharmaceutical companies to support biomarker-driven clinical trials.

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