Introducing Next-Gen Actionable MRD

• Flexibility in baseline profiling – tissue or liquid biopsy

• Ultra-sensitive MRD detection – 0.005% LOD

• Tracking up to 50 personalized mutations, including fusions

• Detecting 500 actionable mutations

• Including genome-wide copy number changes

Product details

Baseline Profiling

Blood or Urine
Low Input of Predicine Assays

Multi-Dimensional MRD Detection

Mutations, Fusions, and Copy Number Changes

Ultra Sensitivity

0.005% Limit of Detection

Actionable MRD

500 actionable mutations

Sample types


Sample requirements

2-5 mL plasma
4-10 mL blood*
20-40 mL of urine

Turnaround time

6 days

*CLIA-validated assay requires two tubes of 10mL blood. A minimum of 30ng cfDNA is recommended.

See the Unseen with PredicineBEACON™

PredicineBEACON™ is designed for ultra-sensitive MRD detection to address the following clinical questions beyond the capacity of conventional MRD assays:

  1. If tumor tissue is not available, can we do MRD using liquid biopsy at baseline?
  2. Can we track MRD by including fusion and copy number changes, beyond tracking mutations alone?
  3. If the cancer has recurred, are there any actionable mutations to guide future treatment options?

MRD Detection Unbounded by Baseline Sample Availability

MRD detection with PredicineBEACON™ is different from conventional MRD assays because it is not limited by baseline sample availability.  If available, baseline samples can be assessed using patient’s blood, urine or tissue. If a baseline sample is unavailable, monitoring the recurrence or progression of cancer can be achieved with a simple blood draw or urine sample with our tissue-agnostic approach.  


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