Shaping the future of precision medicine

We are working with world-leading pharmaceutical companies, cancer hospitals, and academic institutions to advance precision medicine.

Pharmaceutical partnerships

We partner with leading biopharma companies to help accelerate biomarker-driven drug development, from target discovery to CDx development.


1. Research

Leverage Predicine’s liquid biopsy platform for biomarker discovery in prospective and retrospective clinical specimens.


2. Development

Comprehensive genomic profiling for treatment selection, treatment monitoring, and recurrence detection for prospective patients in clinical studies.


3. Launch

Develop companion diagnostic with novel therapeutics to improve the success of clinical trials.

Institutional partnerships

We partner with KOLs from leading academics and research institutions to elevate:

• Translational research
• Patient enrollment
• Clinical trials
• Healthcare initiatives

Investigator initiated studies

Scientific research produced by independent investigators is vital for complementing Predicine-sponsored research to further understand the clinical utilities of Predicine’s molecular profiling tests. An investigator initiated study is a type of grant that supports an independent clinical study where the investigator is the sponsor of the study and where Predicine provides support for the molecular profiling assays and analysis of specific cancer types relating to Predicine’s area of focus.




Predicine supports independent research initiatives that are aligned with our efforts to improve patient care.  Please fill out the form below and our team will be in touch soon.  


    Improving cancer care for patients around the globe

    Breakthrough technologies, deeper insights, and stronger partnerships.

    Today, we are embedded in global clinical trials with 30+ leading biopharmas developing oncology drugs. Our harmonized assays across our CAP/CLIA labs in the U.S. and China enable us to fully support global clinical trials and help navigate the complexity of China’s regulations.




    “Liquid biopsy is the future of precision medicine. Our work with Predicine’s liquid biopsy platform is very encouraging for the field of liquid biopsy and supports its clinical application for patient care.”

    Massimo Cristofanilli, M.D.
    Professor of Northwestern University and President of International Society of Liquid Biopsy

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