Predicine L-P WGS

Low-pass whole genome sequencing for comprehensive coverage of chromosomal abnormalities in cancer

• Whole genome-wide profiling 

• Measures tumor fraction

• Analyzes copy number variants

• Complementary approach to targeted deep sequencing panels for a broader view of the genomic landscape of tumors


Features and benefits

High Sensitivity Predicine

2-3x coverage of the genome

15% LOD

Low Input of Predicine Assays

Complementary to targeted panels

CLIA Validated ATLAS

Liquid and tissue flexibility

Sample types

Whole blood

Sample requirements

10ml whole blood*
4ml plasma (down to 0.4ml)
40ml urine
10 FFPE slides

Turnaround time

10 days

*CLIA-validated assay requires two tubes of 10mL blood

Unbiased and high-throughput copy number assessment

L-P WGS data combined with targeted deep sequencing panel from a single sample

Integrating whole-genome sequencing with targeted deep sequencing panels helps to provide a broader and comprehensive view of the genomic landscape in cancer.  The increasing information provided by L-P WGS  can be valuable for monitoring treatment response, detecting disease progression early, and identifying emergent clones associated with therapeutic resistance.  



Longitudinal monitoring of prostate cancer using cfDNA

PredicineWGS on mCRPC


PredicineATLAS workflow

Available in RUO and CLIA-validated assay


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