PredicineCARE™ Early Access Program

We invite you to join a select group of clinicians who will have early access to the PredicineCARE ultra-sensitive comprehensive genomic profile test designed to address unmet clinical needs for patients with advanced stage cancer.

To learn more, please sign up below to attend an informational session about the PredicineCARE Early Access Program.

Early Access Program

The PredicineCARE Early Access Program is scheduled for October 2021 through January 2022. During this time, Oncologists who participate in the Early Access Program will have the following experience:

  • Unlimited access to PredicineCARE testing for patients with advanced stage cancer
  • Risk free utilization for patients
  • Opportunities to provide clinician feedback to inform the evolution and enhancement of comprehensive genomic profiling to address unmet clinical needs

Enrollment Begins October 2021. Sign-up Below to Learn More Information

Predicine Early Access Program

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    “Liquid biopsy is the future of precision medicine. Our work with Predicine’s liquid biopsy platform is very encouraging for the field of liquid biopsy and supports its clinical application for patient care.”

    Massimo Cristofanilli, M.D.
    Professor of Northwestern University and President of International Society of Liquid Biopsy