Research Pipeline

What tumor types have Predicine’s tests been studied in?

Predicine’s liquid biopsy tests are designed to be applied across various tumor types for guiding treatment selection, detecting minimal residual disease, and monitoring treatment efficacy and resistance. We have a number of ongoing research projects with leading institutions.  

Powerful variant detection with low sample input

Sensitive variant detection with as little as 1 - 2mL of blood

Predicine’s liquid biopsy assays were deployed in many clinical trials and research studies in which a limited amount of plasma from each patient was available. Many of these samples volumes are as little as 1 – 2mL.  Predicine’s proprietary platform enables cfDNA detection at very low input volume.  This helps to preserves precious samples without compromising valuable molecular insights from retrospective and prospective studies.

Specimen success rate at 1-2mL of plasma by cancer type

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