Personalized minimal residual disease (MRD) solution unbounded to baseline samples

• Universal MRD solution unbounded to baseline sample availability 

• Personalized MRD detection with ability to capture new mutations

• Designed to monitor cancer treatment response or detect cancer recurrence

• Adopted by leading biopharmas in global clinical trials


Features and benefits

Low Input of Predicine Assays

MRD detection unbounded by baseline sample

High Sensitivity Predicine

Ultra sensitivity 0.005%

Actionable molecular insights

CLIA Validated ATLAS

Plasma, urine, or tissue acceptable for baseline profiling

Sample types

Whole blood

Sample requirements

10ml whole blood*
4ml plasma (down to 0.4ml)
40ml urine

Turnaround time

10 days


Technical specifications

Seeing beyond the limit: Ultra deep next generation sequencing

PredicineALERT is a personalized assay based on the unique alterations of each tumor.  Baseline can be assessed using patient’s plasma, urine or tissue. With our advanced technology and tissue-agnostic approach, monitoring the recurrence or progression of cancer can be achieved with a simple blood draw in a non-invasive way.  

Seeing beyond the limit: Ultra-deep next generation sequencing

MRD detection with PredicineALERT™ is different from traditional uses of ctDNA because it uses an integrated approach that analyzes variants, methylation, and chromosomal abnormalities simultaneously, making it more sensitive and personalized than mutation or methylation tests alone.   


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